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Established in the 1970's, EFLO has developed a range of innovative, OEM treatment processes. This innovation continues to the present day with the Membrane Bioreactor MBR, novel forms of industrial waste treatment and Reverse Osmosis Desalination. As water supply & treatment costs rise, water re-use is now a commercial requirement.
EFLO International Ltd is a UK company designing, manufacturing and globally selling water treatment plants, Potable Water Treatment - Sea Water and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis, Waste water treatment - Sewage and Industrial, Grey Water Recycling and Sludge Dewatering.


Waste Water Treatment Systems

Eflo have a range of treatment processes to meet client requirements. Some such as the Eflo Constant Transfer Extended Aeration and the EfloSBR Filandraw Sequential Batch Reactor plants.

EfloSAF - Submerged Aerated Filter

The EfloSAF Submerged Aerated Filter or SAF, is a very compact, robust and trouble free process ideally suited to package type plants for communities and labour camps.

EfloMBR - Membrane Bioreactor

EfloMBR - Membrane Bioreactor - Sewage Treatment Plant. The treatment of sewage has advanced greatly in terms of the quality of the treated effluent and minimising the footprint of the process

MBR Fouling Solved

MBR plants frequently suffer from physical membrane fouling leading to reduced permeate flow, increased trans membrane pressure and ultimately flooding.

EfloSBR - Sequential Batch Reactor

The Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) is one of the oldest forms of sewage treatment.It is also one of the first designs that Eflo made dating back to the 1970s!

EfloCT- Extended Aeration

EFLO CT is a biological treatment plant based on extended aeration.The CT stands for Constant Transfer. This was one of the earliest treatment plant designs made by Eflo.


The EfloSludgeDry is a packaged and containerised sludge dewatering system complete with all the necessary polymer preparation and dosing system needed prior to the dewatering process.

Industrial Waste Water

Industrial waste water can often be treated using biological methods if there is an organic waste load. Examples would be slaughter house waste where the EfloMBR would be a good choice.

EfloSEP Oily Water Separation

Applications are industrial sites where rain or wash down water can wash spilt oils into storm drains as well as food processing factories, metal working and plating industries.

EfloDAF Dissolved Air Floatation

EfloDAF uses the principle of air floatation to separate coagulated contaminants from waste water streams. Principally, suspended solids, dissolved solids, emulsified oils and other entrained contaminants.

EfloGREY Grey Water Treatment

Since only a fraction of potable water supplied is used for drinking and cooking, it makes sense to use recycled water for other "Non Potable" demands, such as toilet flushing etc.

EfloRO - Reverse Osmosis

Eflo manufacture and supply a range of reverse osmosis Sea Water and Brackish Water desalination plants either a skids or as containerised package plants.