EfloDAF Dissolved Air Floatation

EfloDAF uses the principle of air floatation to separate coagulated contaminants from waste water streams.   Principally, suspended solids, dissolved solids, emulsified oils and other entrained contaminants.

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The contaminants are broken from the surrounding water using coagulants, commonly Ferric Chloride and Poly Aluminium Chloride.   The contaminants are broken from solution in a pre treatment tank using the coagulant dosing.   The contaminants break out as tiny suspended particles.  The addition of flocculants help bind particles these together.   The bound particles then pass to the floatation tiny where micro bubbles are introduced and these float the flocculated contaminants to the surface where they are scraped of the a collection tank as a very wet, hydroxide sludge.

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This sludge is then dosed with poly electrolyte to help break the water from the sludge and passed to a sludge press for de-watering.

DAF technology is commonly used for industrial waste water treatment processes and it is used in conjunction with other processes such as oily water separation and biological treatment.   

EfloDAF in operation ahead of an EfloSAF biological treatment plant.  Treating the waste water from a textiles factory producing a waste water including dyes and organic material.   The treated water after the EfloSAF is polished using multi media tertiary treatment followed by Ultra Filtration membranes.   The resultant water is of suitable quality to be re-sued in the factory, hence, giving huge water savings and associated costs.

As can be seen, the entire process is very chemical intensive.  Variations in flow, contaminant concentration or contaminant types will require differing coagulant dosing and maybe a variety of coagulants. 

EfloDAF plants are available from 2 m3 per hour to 40 m3 per hour.   Typically, an EfloDAF plant will remove 85-90% suspended solids,  65% BOD and 98 % FOG

If the waste water stream is heavily contaminated  oils, the EfloDAF  will require pre treatment using an EfloSEP oily water separator.  Details of the EfloSEP can be found via this link  EfloSEP Oily Water Separator.

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